Marshall, NC is a beautiful historic town of 900 people in Madison County about 20 miles northwest of Asheville along the French Broad River. Blannahassett Island is an island just across the bridge from Main Street and is the site of the former Marshall High School. Now Marshall High Studios, the old high school building has been completely renovated and consists of 28 studios, most of them old classrooms, plus the old auditorium.

Having produced a sold-out Bonnie "Prince" Billy concert in Fall 2011 at Marshall High Studios, we knew it would be a fabulous place to host part of Transfigurations II. Beyond just the auditorium stage, there will be two outdoor stages with music as well, plus food trucks, beer & wine stations, craft vendors & more.

Some important facts to answer your questions

**Please plug this address into your phone/GPS: 115 BLANNAHASSETT ISLAND, MARSHALL NC 28753. But the truth is, as long as you can find Marshall, you'll find the island.

**There is NO CAMPING allowed on the island; however there are a handful of options in Madison County, including in beautiful Hot Springs. A list of those is found here. Another good spot is here.

**PLEASE CARPOOL AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! There is NO parking available on the island itself; one lot close to the island will be open and once that's full, you'll have to park downtown Marshall.

**WE'RE PROVIDING A FREE SHUTTLE FROM ASHEVILLE! It's first-come first-served, and will run from Asheville to Marshall every 45 minutes between 11am-4pm, and returning people from Marshall between 9pm-1am. Pickup location is in the WESTGATE SHOPPING CENTER (aka Earthfare). This will alternate between a school bus and a 15-passenger van. Again, it's FREE, and first-come first-served!

The shuttles leaving from the Earth Fare parking lot in the Westgate Shopping Center will have the following departure times:

Please be on the lookout for a FIFTEEN PASSENGER WHITE VAN and/or a "Young Transportation" Bus.

Return shuttles will run from 9pm-1am from Blannahassett Island to the Westgate Shopping Center

**For your enjoyment, we'll have food trucks (The Bom Bus, GQC Lebanese Street Food, Hardcastle Hot Dogs, The Hop Ice Cream & Zuma Coffee) and plenty of beer, wine & cider!

**PLEASE BRING CASH! If you don't have any there are a couple of ATMs on Main St. in Marshall.

**PLEASE DON'T BRING THE FOLLOWING: Outside alcohol, illicit drugs, weapons (duh), pets, glass bottles, or bad attitudes! This is going to be a great day, let's all enjoy it without trouble.

**We encourage you to wander the town of Marshall during your time there. It's a pretty small place but it still has some great options to eat, drink & shop, so please see what it has to offer!