In all honesty, if we look back on our earliest hopes, dreams & visions of what Harvest Records could become, it would mirror what actually ended up happening. Since our college days together, the idea was consistent: Open a record shop, yes, of course... but don't let it stop there. Create a space dedicated to the discovery of music, the exchange of ideas, a place for broader discussions about community. Book shows for artists that normally wouldn't come to town; host art on our walls from local artists who haven't shown much before; start a record label and release recordings of sounds that may have not otherwise been produced physically. And it all happened.

We can't thank everyone enough. The Asheville community has supported us consistently from day one, when we didn't really know what we were doing. But we tried to listen to those around us, keeping our minds open to the thoughts and tastes of our customers and friends, and here we are.

And so it culminates in this, three days of music we love in the town we love. We have curated the lineup of artists to reflect the community's taste as well as our own. Some artists we've worshipped for years, some are new favorites; some we've booked in town multiple times, some have released records on our label, some are new to the fold, but all of them have had a place on our shelves. We have supported them and they us.

We hope you embrace them and what Transfigurations II has to offer. Get turned on to something new, leave your comfort zone, be immersed.


For press inquiries, please contact Jessica Linker at Pitch Perfect PR.

For all other inquiries, please contact Harvest Records.