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Floating Action
Fake Blood
A co-release with Removador Recordings & Solutions
vinyl limited to 500 copies

Floating Action is a band from Black Mountain, NC. It comes from a unique phenomena that happens when leader Seth Kauffman writes, records, and plays all the instruments. Seth/Floating Action has released four albums to date, two of them on Park the Van Records. Seth is a pro-level mountain biker and snowboarder who longboards, hikes, and spends way too much time on trails in the mountains. The music reflects the relativity and natural laws gleaned from immersion in these activities, as well as a high standard for originality and overall quality.

Floating Action's fifth, most soothing offering, "Fake Blood", is being released and championed by none other than Jim James of My Morning Jacket via his label, Removador Recordings & Solutions (as a co-release with Harvest Recordings in Asheville, NC). Jim James became a fan of Seth's last record "Desert Etiquette" — an album he calls "a relatively unknown masterwork of our times".

"Gorgeous melodies and scrappily fuzzed out tones that radiate a vinyl warmth that somehow immediately instills a feeling of nostalgic happiness." — Sean Moeller, Daytrotter

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1) Ensnarement
2) Alpine Shadow
3) Seized
4) Not What I Came For
5) Complete the Myth
6) Harshness of the Blow
7) Matador
8) No Waves
9) Silent Partner
10) Been Broken
11) Remorse Code
12) Working Man