The Last Whole Earth
Vinyl-only gatefold 2xLP

Asheville, North Carolina resident Ross Gentry performs and records under the guise of VILLAGES. With dense layers and glacial droning, he creates engaging narrative soundscapes that evoke the shifting fragility of the early ambient movement as well as the elegance of symphonic composition.

"The Last Whole Earth" is engagingly contemplative and meticulously well-crafted drone. With washes of guitar and synthesizer, subdued vocals, field recordings and minimal noise, VILLAGES devises a beautifully pastoral narrative teeming with honest emotion. While the majority of Drone artists are currently plotting a darker and harsher course, this offers warm radiance reminiscent of acts like Flying Saucer Attack, Labradford and Stars of the Lid that many are sure to find refreshing.

This double LP is housed in a gorgeous gatefold sleeve with artwork from Asheville artist Lisa Nance (www.gooeygrissom.com). The pressing is limited to 500 copies.

"Ross Gentry's textural synth drones, in the style of Tim Hecker, were a refreshing way to start the evening..."
--Tiny Mix Tapes review of Transfigurations Festival, 2009

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Side A
1) Seas
2) Dresden
3) Periphery Green
Side B
4) Snow Downing
5) Align
6) Scaffolds
Side C
7) Lasting I-II
Side D
8) Lasting III-IV