Brightblack Morning Light / Lungfish
split 7"

We are excited to finally have this record ready to roll. There is one Brightblack Morning Light track, "Another Reclaimation", recorded live in 2008 at the South Paw in Brooklyn, NY. The Lungfish track is "You are the War" off their Feral Hymns release. The record is spun at 33 1/3rpm, comes on red/clear vinyl, and is limited to 500 copies.

This is an Anti-War release fueled by Nabob's continued objection for the ongoing wars overseas; both tracks on the record exist to resist these wars. Nabob says the 7"s purpose is "to make it known the current wars should end & peace should begin by our decisions."

$4.50 + $2.50 S&H
$4.50 + $10 S&H
Everywhere else
$4.50 + $14 S&H
Side A
Another Reclaimation
Side B
You Are The War