Rank Strangers
Music from Mrs. Hyatt's Oprahouse

Here we have the compelling musical companion to Rank Strangers - a documentary film about a weekly mountain-music jam session that Mrs. Nelia Hyatt has been hosting for over 50 years at her home in Asheville, NC. The CD captures not only sessions and live jams from Mrs. Hyatt's "Oprahouse" -- as it is affectionately known -- over the last three years of filming, but also includes reel-to-reel transfers found in her back closet dating back as far as 40 years ago.

The artists on the CD are a hodgepodge of the various faces seen at the gatherings that include gifted amateurs and celebrated professionals, with tracks from notables Bryan Sutton, Josh Goforth and Roger Howell. The music includes such traditionals as "John Henry" and "Orange Blossom Special" alongside compositions by A.P. Carter, The Stanley Brothers and Merle Haggard. Inside the CD is a 24-page booklet packed with pictures from the gatherings (both past and present), stories of the included songs, and liner notes from Roger Howell, Rod Murphy (director) and Ken Abbott (photographer).

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Rank Strangers