May 20, 2016

The HoneycuttersOn the Ropes (cd)
“Day of the Dead”59-song tribute to the Dead with profits going to the Red Hot Organization (5xcd)
BeyonceLemonade (cd+dvd)
ANOHNIHopelessness (cd/lp)
Bob DylanFallen Angels (cd/lp)
Andy StottToo Many Voices (cd/2xlp)
Brian EnoThe Ship (cd/deluxe cd/2xlp)
Ryan AdamsHeartbreaker (deluxe edition 2xcd+dvd/4xlp+dvd)
Grateful DeadRed Rocks 7/8/78 (3xcd)
Fruit BatsAbsolute Loser (cd/lp)
Brett DennenPor Favor (cd)
Hard Working AmericansRest in Chaos (cd/2xlp)
The JayhawksPaging Mr. Proust (cd/lp)
Pantha du PrinceThe Triad (cd/2xlp)
King Gizzard & the Lizard WizardNonagon Infinity (cd/lp)
Jaye BartellLight Enough (cd/lp)
Eric ClaptonI Still Do (cd/2xlp)
DrakeViews (cd)
Aesop RockThe Impossible Kid (cd/2xlp)
Karl BlauIntroducing… (cd/lp)
Cluster1971-1981 (9xcd box)
Egyptian Lover1983-1988 (2xcd)
Harry BertoiaSonambient Complete Collection (11xcd box)
DeathScream Bloody Gore (cd/lp reissue)
Mudcrutch2 (cd/lp)
Terry AllenJuarez (cd/lp)
“Cosmic Machine II”A Voyage Across French Cosmic & Electronic Avant-Garde (1970-1980) (cd/2xlp)
KvelertakNattesferd (cd/2xlp)
Mutual BenefitSkip a Sinking Stone (cd/lp)
David BazanBlanco (cd/lp/tape)
A$AP FergAlways Strive and Prosper (cd)
Bill EvansSome Other Time (2xcd)
New Madridmagnetkingmagnetqueen (cd/2xlp)
Plants and AnimalsWaltzed in from the Rumbling (cd/lp)
Homeboy SandmanKindness for Weakness (cd)
Porcupine TreeOn the Sunday of Life… (cd)
Cyndi LauperDetour (cd/lp)
Kyle CraftDolls of Highland (cd/2xlp)
Glenn BrancaSymphony No. 13 (cd)
Twin PeaksDown in Heaven (cd/lp)
Darrell ScottCouchville Sessions (cd)
Carrie Rodriguez + the Sacred HeartsLola (cd)
Kid Congo & the Pink MonkeybirdsLa Arana es la Vida (cd)
Colin StetsonSorrow – A Reimagining of Gorecki’s 3rd Symphony (cd/2xlp)
Modern BaseballHoly Ghost (cd)
Rogue WaveDelusions of Grand Fur (cd/lp)
Ariana GrandeDangerous Woman (cd)
Terry AllenThe Other Side of the River (cd/lp)
Andy ShaufThe Party (cd)
Katatonia The Fall of Hearts (cd)
Konono Nº 1…Meets Batida (cd/2xlp)
“Wake Up You! Vol. 1”The Rise and Fall of Nigerian Rock (cd+book)
Julianna BarwickWill (cd/lp)
Chris CohenAs If Apart (cd/lp)
Snarky PuppyCulcha Vulcha (cd)
Dick DiverNew Start Again & Calendar Days (cds/lps)
The RelativesGoodbye World (cd/lp)
John Doe The Westerner (cd)
“Sacred Flute Music from New Guinea: Madang / Windim Mambu”recorded by Ragnar Johnson assisted by Jessica Mayer (2xcd/2xlp)
Joanna BroukHearing Music (2xcd/2xlp)
Allen ToussaintThe Complete Warner Recordings (2xcd)
DJ RashadAfterlife (cd/2xlp)
ThumbscrewConvallaria (cd)
The PeaceBlack Power (cd/lp)
Rob ZombieThe Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser (cd)
Mountain HeartBlue Skies (cd)
Lera LynnResistor (cd)
Wire Nocturnal Koreans (cd)
WrongS/T (cd)
NothingTired of Tomorrow (cd/lp)
DischargeEnd of Days (cd/lp)
DigitalismMirage (cd/2xlp)
IslandsTaste & Should I Remain Here at Sea (cds/lps)
Corinne Bailey RaeThe Heart Speaks in Whispers (cd)
Ogoya Nengo and the Dodo Women’s GroupOn Mande (cd)
“Pampa Records Vol. 1”presented by DJ Koze (cd)
Vivien GoldmanResolutionary (cd/lp)
MacArthurS/T (cd/lp)
VariantSequential Sleep (cd)
Leroy SmartDread Hot in Africa / Propaganda (cd)
“AOR Global Sounds 1975-1983”funky AOR rarities (cd/lp)
Radical FaceThe Family Tree: The Leaves (cd)
The Allman Brothers BandLive from A&R Studios, New York (cd)
HatebreedThe Concrete Confessional (cd)
John ZornThe Painted Bird (cd)
Kangding RayCory Arcane (cd)
Rufus WainwrightTake All My Loves – 9 Shakespeare Sonnets (cd)
White LungParadise (cd/lp)
CandleboxDisappearing in Airports (cd)
The Third PowerBelieve (cd)
The Deontic Miracle (Catherine Christer Hennix)Central Palace Music from 100 Model Subjects for Hegikan Roku (cd)
James Tatum Trio PlusContemporary Jazz Mass/Live at Orchestra Hall & the Paradise Theater (cd)
“An Anthology of Turkish Experimental Music 1961-2014”new compilation from Sub Rosa (2xcd/2xlp)
“Last Days On Mars” & “Perfect Sense”original motion picture soundtrack by Max Richter (cd)
Hermann Nitsch6. Sinfonie (2xcd)
Steve Roach / Robert LoganBiosonic (cd)
GorgutsPleiades’ Dust (cdep/12″ ep)
LushBlind Spot (cdep/10″)
BraidsCompanion (cdep)


“Root Hog or Die”An Alan Lomax Centennial Tribute (6xLP box)
Sarah LouiseVDSQ Solo Acoustic Vol. 12 (LP)
Tashi Dorji & Shane ParishExpecting (LP)
The White StripesThe Complete John Peel Sessions (2xLP)
Angry AnglesS/T (LP)
Bonny BillyMore Revery (LP)
Cluster 1971-1981 (9xLP box)
Arthur RussellTower of Meaning (LP)
Steve ReichFour Organs • Phase Patterns & At UC Berkeley University Museum – November 7, 1970 (LPs)
Wolf Parade Apologies to the Queen Mary (3xLP deluxe edition)
Sun Kil MoonOld Ramon (2xLP)
Comets On FireBlues Cathedral & Avatar (LPs repressed)
Michael JacksonOff the Wall, Thriller & Bad (LPs)
Wire — Nocturnal Koreans (LP)
TombsSavage Gold (2xLP)
Stephen O’MalleyEnd Ground (LP)
Patty Griffin1000 Kisses (LP)
Guided By VoicesPlease Be Honest (LP)
Robert PollardOf Course You Are (LP)
dalekAsphalt for Eden (LP)
GruesomeDimensions of Horror (LP)
DownNola & II (LPs)
Matt “MV” ValentineBlazing Grace (LP)
Ariel KalmaMusique pour le Reve et L’amour (2xLP)
SusannaTriangle (2xLP)
J.D. EmmanuelElectronic Minimal Music (1979-83) (3xLP)
PrinceFor You & S/T (LPs reissued)
Clark The Last Panthers (LP)
The New MastersoundsThe Nashville Session (LP)
The Cave Singers S/T (LP)
Marissa NadlerStrangers (LP)
The Blues MagoosMercury Singles (1966-1968) (LP)
Shit RobotWhat Follows (2xLP)
Yoni & GetiTestarossa (LP)
Sun Ra & His Astro-Infinity ArkestraThe Intergalactic Thing (2xLP)
Celtic FrostMonothiest (2xLP)
SourveinAquatic Occult (LP)
Captain BeefheartLick My Decals Off, Baby, The Spotlight Kid & Clear Spot (LPs reissued)
Catherine Ribeiro + AlpesAme Debout & Paix (LPs)
Pig DestroyerPainter of Dead Girls (LP)
Zig ZagsRunning Out of Red (LP)
Dark FuneralThe Secrets of the Black Arts (2xLP)
The CureKiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me (2xLP)
Jimbo MathusBand of Storms (LP)
John Lee HookerAlone Volume 1 & 2 (LPs)
Houston Stackhouse and FriendsThe George Mitchell Collection (LP)
Furry LewisGood Morning Judge (LP)
ImarhanS/T (LP)
Khanate Things Viral (2xLP+12″ reissue)
AdversarialD.E.N.A.T.B.K.O.N. (LP)
“Lost Train Blues”John & Alan Lomax and the Early Folk Music Collections at the Library of Congress (LP)
Albert AylerMy Name Is… (LP)
Ezra FurmanThe Year of No Returning (LP)
LUHSpiritual Songs for Lovers to Sing (2xLP)
Gov’t MuleS/T (2xLP)
Mary Chapin CarpenterThe Things That We Are Made of (LP)
Fatou Seidi Ghali & Alamnou AkrouniLes Filles de Illighadad (LP)
Ty Dolla $ignFree TC (2xLP)
Desmond DekkerRude Boy Ska (LP)
Margo PriceMidwest Farmer’s Daughter (LP)
Adrian Younge Quelque chose a propos d’Avril II Versions Instrumentales (LP)
Mountains and RainbowsParticles (2xLP)
RosaliOut of Love (LP)
Jorginho“To” Muito na Minha (LP)
Yoshi WadaOff the Wall (LP)
Greg YoderDreamer of Life (LP)
Causa SuiPewt’r Sessions 1-2 (2xLP)
Mirrors for Psychic WarfareS/T (LP)
“Seven Samurai”original motion picture soundtrack by Fumio Hayasaka (LP)
Alessandro AlessandroniI Cantori Moderni di Alessandro Alessandroni (LP)
John Congleton and the Nighty NiteUntil the Horror Goes (LP)
Skin Flesh & BonesDub in Blood (LP)
OctoberS/T (2xLP)
Pita Get In (LP)
WolfpackA New Dawn Fades & Allday Hell (LPs reissued)
Darkest HourSo Sedated, So Secure (LP)
DJ PaypalSold Out (2xLP)
Cheap TrickBang, Zoom, Crazy…Hello (LP)
Steve EarleGuitar Town & Copperhead Road (LP)
The Infamous StringdustersLadies & Gentlemen (LP)
CactusS/T (LP)
Edgar VareseComplete Works (LP)
Buck GooterStainless Steel Mirrors (LP)
10,000 ManiacsOur Time in Eden (LP reissued)
Taylor SwiftS/T (2xLP)
Rufus WainwrightS/T & Poses (LPs)
Dinner!Psychic Lovers (LP)
Peter BroderickMusic for Falling from Trees (LP)
StudS/T (LP reissue)
James KPet (LP)
Maxine FunkeLace (LP)
The Duke St Workshop with Laurence R HarveyTales of H.P. Lovecraft (LP)
The Barr BrothersAlta Falls (10″)

7″s from: of Montreal, Woods/Ultimate Painting

and +
A batch of cassettes from Mississippi Records!