July 14, 2015

Richard ThompsonStill (cd/deluxe 2xcd)
High On Fire Luminiferous (cd/2xlp)
Heartless BastardsRestless Ones (cd/lp)
Ghostface KillahTwelve Reasons to Die II (2xcd/lp)
Neil Young & Promise of the RealThe Monsanto Years (cd)
PhishAmsterdam (8xcd set)
Amos Lee– Live at Red Rocks with the Colorado Symphony (cd)
Air Original Motion Picture Score for The Virgin Suicides (2xcd deluxe edition)
Jerry Garcia Band On Broadway: Act One – October 28th 1987 (3xcd)
Swans Filth (3xcd deluxe edition)
FFS (Franz Ferdinand & Sparks) — S/T (cd/2xlp)
Black Mountain S/T (deluxe 2xcd/2xlp 10th anniversary reissue)
Meg BairdDon’t Weigh Down the Light (cd/lp)
RefusedFreedom (cd/lp)
Four TetMorning/Evening (cd/lp)
The OrbMoonbuilding 2703 AD (cd/2xlp)
Robbie BashoTwilight Peaks (cd)
HelmOlympic Mess (cd/2xlp)
Pharoah SandersIn the Beginning 1963-1964 (4xcd set)
Underhill RoseThe Great Tomorrow (cd)
Frank LoweThe Loweski (cd)
Bunny Lee’s Kingston Flying Cymbals1974-1979 (cd)
Don CarlosInna Dub Style – Rare Dubs 1979-1980 (cd)
Matt Pond PAThe State of Gold (cd/2xLP)
Kacey MusgravesPageant Material (cd/lp)
Felix LabandDeaf Safari (cd/2xlp)
The SteeldriversThe Muscle Shoals Recordings (cd)
PhosphorescentLive at the Music Hall (cd)
Hudson MohawkeLantern (cd/2xlp)
Yonder Mountain String BandBlack Sheep (cd/2xlp)
“Nu Yorica! Culture Clash in New York City”experiments in Latin music 1970-77 (2xcd)
mewithoutYouPale Horses (cd)
Pete RockPeteStrumentals 2 (cd)
Leon BridgesComing Home (cd)
SuperchunkCome Pick Me Up (cd/lp reissue)
Richard BucknerThe Hill (cd/lp reissue)
DesaparecidosPayola (cd/lp)
Nils FrahmMusic for the Motion Picture Victoria (cd/lp)
Mary Ufi UsuahEkpenyong Abasi (cd)
CayucasDancing at the Blue Lagoon (cd/lp)
Daniel RomanoSleep Beneath the Willow (cd)
Vince StaplesSummertime ’06 (cd)
Nap EyesWhine of the Mystic (cd/lp)
Vatican ShadowDeath is Unity with God (3xcd)
Hardy and the HardknocksDrownin On A Mountaintop (cd/lp)
In CameraEra (2xcd/2xlp)
CzarfaceEvery Hero Needs a Villain (cd)
The Internet Ego Death (cd)
Dale WatsonCall Me Insane (cd/lp)
EZTV Calling Out (cd/lp)
The FallSub-Lingual Tablet (cd)
Melody Gardot Currency of Man (cd)
James TaylorBefore This World (cd/deluxe cd+dvd/lp)
“Dylan, Cash and the Nashville Cats: A New Music City”companion to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum exhibit (2xcd)
“Sounds of the Universe: Art + Sound 2012-15”new comp. from Soul Jazz (2xcd/two separate 2xlp volumes)
The DeslondesS/T (cd/lp)
Robert GlasperCovered (cd/2xlp)
Ann Peebles Straight from the Heart (cd)
Cradle of FilthHammer of the Witches (cd)
Between the Buried & MeCome Ecliptic (cd/2xlp)
Heather Woods BroderickGlider (cd)
EnvyAthiest’s Cornea (cd)
Royal JestersEnglish Oldies (cd/2xlp)
BullyFeels Like (cd/lp)
FailureThe Heart is a Monster (cd)
The Weather StationAll if It Was Mine (cd reissue)
MiguelWildheart (cd/deluxe cd)
Mutoid ManBleeder (cd/lp)
Planes Mistaken for Stars Mercy (cd)
Veruca SaltGhost Notes (cd)
Active ChildMercy (cd/lp)
The Cairo GangGoes Missing (cd/lp)
Left Lane CruiserDirty Spliff Blues (cd/lp)
American AquariumWolves (cd/lp)
Wolf AliceMy Love is Cool (cd)
Slightly StoopidMeanwhile… Back at the Lab (cd)
Ken CamdenDream Memory (cd/lp)
SadakaPremonition (cd/lp)
Christopher Paul StellingLabor Against Waste (cd/lp)
Mates of StateYou’re Going to Make It (cdep)


Ryan AdamsLive at Carnegie Hall (LP)
Brand NewDeja Entendu (2xLP reissue)
AirPremiers Symptomes, The Virgin Suicides, 10 000 Hz Legend, Talkie Walkie & Pocket Symphony (LP reissues)
The Stone RosesS/T & Turns Into Stone (LPs)
Joy DivisionUnknown Pleasures & Closer (LPs repressed)
Nick CaveThe Boatman’s Call & No More Shall We Part (LP reissues)
Emmylou Harris & Rodney CrowellThe Traveling Kind (LP)
CreamDisraeli Gears & Wheels of Fire (LP reissues)
Of Monsters and MenBeneath the Skin (2xLP)
Beth Hart37 Days (2xLP)
WireS/T (LP)
DJ KozeDJ-Kicks (2xLP)
Arthur RussellCorn (LP)
The FallThe Wonderful and Frightening World of…, The Wonderful and Frightening Escape Route to…, This Nation’s Saving Grace & Schtick – Yarbles Revisited (LPs)
EyehategodIn the Name of Suffering & Take As Needed for Pain (LPs repressed)
Robbie BashoThe Falconer’s Arm I & II (LP reissues)
Karin KrogDon’t Just Sing – An Anthology: 1963-1999 (2xLP)
Snoop Dogg Bush (LP)
The SadiesArchives Volume One – Rarities, Oddities and Radio: 1995-2015 (LP)
Belly Star (LP)
Too $hortBorn to Mack (LP)
Lyrics Born & the LB Mixed Re-View Real People (2xLP)
King DiamondIn Concert 1987 Abigail (LP)
S. Araw “Trio” XIGazebo Effect (2xLP)
Aidan Baker & IdklangIn the Red Room (LP)
Modern Life Is WarWitness (10th anniversary edition LP)
Jethro Tull Thick As A Brick (LP repsssed)
Brian Jonestown MassacreMusique de Film Imagine (LP)
GirlpoolBefore the World Was Big (LP)
JaillBrain Cream (LP)
Thelonious MonkThe London Collection Volume 1 (LP)
Aziz Ansari Buried Alive (2xLP)
Van Halen II (LP)
Die Antwoord Ten$ion (LP)
Joanna Gruesome Peanut Butter (LP)
Kate Bush Hounds of Love (LP)
“Tron” original soundtrack by Wendy Carlos (2xLP)
SadePromise (LP)
Eric’s Trip Love Tara (LP)
“Blade Runner”original soundtrack by Vangelis (LP)
Crystal Syphon Elephant Ball (LP)
Kolsch 1983 (2xLP)
Die Wilde JagdS/T (LP)
Stevie Nicks Crystal Visions…The Very Best of Stevie Nicks (2xLP)
SpraynardMable (LP)
Valet Nature (LP)
Container — LP (LP)
The John Betsch SocietyEarth Blossom (LP)
WapassouS/T (LP)
“Lost Shadows: In Defence of the Soul Yanomami Shamanism Songs, Ritual, 1978”recordings and text by David Toop (LP)
Mark Fell & Gabor LazarThe Neurobiology of Moral Decision Marking (LP)
WhenSvartedauen (LP)
Juan Wauters Who Me? (LP)
Son LuxBones (LP)
Jorma KaukonenAin’t In No Hurry (LP)
New Riders of the Purple SageThe Adventures of Panama Red (LP)
Moritz Von Oswald TrioSounding Lines (2xLP)
Patty WatersCollege Tour (LP)
Dawn of MidiDysnomia (2xLP)
Douglas DareWhelm (LP)
Thomas BrinkmannWhat You Hear (Is What You Hear) (2xLP)
Don Robertson Celestial Ascent (LP)
Rachel GrimesThe Clearing (LP)
United NationsS/T (LP reissue)
Kink GongTanzania (LP)
Retribution Body Aokigahara (LP)
Revolutionary Army of the Infant JesusThe Gift of Tears (LP)
“Trojan Beatles Reggae – Vol. 2”original cuts from the Trojan Recordings vault (LP)
Immortal Technique The 3rd World (2xLP)
The Stark RealityRoller Coaster Ride (2xLP)
Jeffrey Lee PierceWildweed (LP)
Eden Ahbez Eden’s Island (LP)
39 ClocksSubnarcotic (LP)
Bitter EndIllusions of Dominance (LP)
Large ProRe:Living (LP)
Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area BandS/T (2xLP)
Electric WizardCome My Fanatics… & Dopethrone (LP reissues)
The Vibrators Pure Mania (LP)
Irma Thomas …Sings (LP repressed on Mississippi)
Mdou Moctar Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazoughai OST (LP)
Drakkar BandDrakkar 74 (LP)
Spider John KoernerSome American Folk Songs Like They Used To (LP)
Cold CaveFull Cold Moon (LP)
Merrell Fankhauser S/T (LP)
Alva NotoXerrox Vol. 3 (2xLP)
KnxwledgeHud Dreems (2xLP)
Lee BannonPattern of Excel (LP)
MatrixxmanHomesick (2xLP)
“The Rough Guide to Samba”(LP)
Ryan HemsworthAlone for the First Time (LP)
DrainolithHysteria (LP)
Steve Von TillA Life Unto Itself (LP)
Satanic WarmasterFimbulwinter (LP)
Self Defense FamilyHeaven Is Earth (LP)
Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad Steady & Bright Days (LPs)
Mates of StateYou’re Going to Make It (12″ EP)
Lana Del ReyWest Coast (Solomun Remix) (12″)
Fucked UpYear of the Hare (12″ ep)
G. Love & Special Sauce Sweet ‘n Blues (10″)

7″ s from: Ryan Adams, The Arcs

and +
“Lee, Myself & I – Inside the Very Special World of Lee Hazlewood”by Wyndham Wallace (book)
“Banned in DC”photos and anecdotes from the DC punk underground (79-85) (book)
“All Ages – Portland Punk Rock, 1977-1981” by Mark Sten (book)
“Iron in the Soul”the Haiti documentary films of Leah Gordon (dvd)
Supreme Talent ShowDanbe (tape)
Kid MillionsThe Sanguine Cadaver (tape)
Wei ZhongleNu Trance (tape)